Make the WILI Connection.
Access WILI's computerized catalog from your home or office computer.

WILI is a computerized card catalog listing more thatn 350,000 titles (900,000 items) available at public libraries in Washington County, the Tuality Health Information Resouce Center and the Oregon College of Art & Craft. You can now access WILI's computerized catalog from the convenience of your personal computer and modem to: WILI is available seven days a week, usually 24 hours per day. WILI is unavailable on Saturday evenings between 6 p.m. and midnight for regular maintenance, and may be off-line at other times for software upgrades, maintenance or repair.

Listings of library hours and WILI availability are included in the WILI online Bulletin Board, along with any special messages of importance to users. If possible, planned WILI downtimes will be posted in advance.

Select the type of search from the menu by typing it's line number, then press [Enter].

You may RESERVE an item to be held for you to pick up by typing R when it is included in the commands at the bottom of the screen. You then need to type the barcode number from your library card and follow the instructions on the bottom of the screen. You will be notified by phone or mail when the item or items can be picked up at your local library. If you prefer to pay a $1.50 per item shipping fee to have items mailed to you, select that option from the Notification Option window. (Pre-registered Homebound users may select Outreach as the pick-up library and items will be mailed without charge.)


Access to WILI is free of on-line charges. However, normal telephone charges may be applicable if you are calling outside your service area or if the call is long distance, just as if you were using a telephone. To access WILI follow the steps below:

  1. Consult your computer, modem and software manuals for any installation or operating instructions.
  2. Set your modem parameters to:
  3. Dial 649-3055
  4. When WILI answers press [Enter] until you see the message: Login: Type in lowercase wili then press the [Enter] key. If you are asked for a password, press [Enter] again to get another login & start over.
  5. WILI will ask you to choose a terminal emulation and test your choice.
  6. The WILI Bulletin Board will then display. Enter Q to exit the Bulletin Board after you have finished reading the messages.
  7. At the Welcome screen press the [Enter] key and the main WILI menu will appear.
  8. See Searching Tips
  9. To leave WILI: Return to Menu

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