City Services

The City provides the following services: police protection, fire prevention and suppression, emergency medical care, library, building inspection, city planning, and code enforcement. The City also owns and operates the water distribution system, the sewerage collection system, and streets and public parks maintenance.

Emergency Services
Police and Fire Emergency Calls Only 911
Police Non-Emergency 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 359-1881

All other times 643-8431
Fire Non-Emergency 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 357-3840
Public Works Emergency 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. 643-8431

Fire Department
The Cornelius Volunteer Fire Department is a modern, well-equipped department.  The department is jointly supported by the City of Cornelius and the Cornelius Rural Fire Protection District and answers calls in the city and surrounding area.  The Fire Department is staffed by a full-time paid fire chief and over 31 volunteer firefighters.  The Fire Department also provides emergency medical treatment by well-trained emergency medical technicians.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter or an emergency medical technician or have any questions about fire services contact the Fire Department at 357-3840.

Police Department
The Police Department personnel consists of a Police Chief, eight regular officers, 2 Corporals, two Sergeants, one Lieutenant, two court clerks, two record clerks, and about 10 reserve officers.  Questions related to the Municipal Court may also be directed to this department.  The City police station is located at 1311 North Barlow, and the telephone number during business hours is 359-1881.

Public Works Department
The operation of the water utility falls under this department as does the maintenance of streets, sewer lines, and parks.

Street maintenance is confined to street patching, grading the street, and street sweeping.  If your street is not improved to present day standards and you wish to see it improved, a call to City Hall will give an explanation of the process for getting it improved.

all of the homes in Cornelius are sewered or have sewers available.  Sewerage treatment is provided by the Washington County Unified Sewerage Agency.

Parks Department

The City of Cornelius has six parks currently developed:
Harleman Park South 10th Ave. & South Heather Street
Water Park North Barlow Street & North 18th Avenue
Tarrybrooke Park South 4th Avenue
Alpine Park South 23rd Avenue & South Alpine Street
Dogwood Park South 26th Avenue &anp; South Ginger Street
Ryland Park North 31st Avenue & North Clark Street

Engineering And Inspection
The design and construction of streets, sewers, sidewalks, and municipal buildings are done under the supervision of the city engineer.&mbsp; Records, plans, maps, and other like data are kept on file in the City Recorder's office.  The City does not do private engineering work, but can assist with problems relating to city service, rights-of-way, plat checking, and other activities.

Building inspection is done by the Code Enforcement/Building Department.  Such inspection relates to construction of buildings, although on request the Building Official may assist homeowners with inspections of existing buildings.  Building permits are required for almost any construction activity.  Information relating to such permits may be obtained by calling the City Code Enforcement Officer/Building Official at 357-7099.

You may register to vote any time, although there is a twenty day cut off before any election.  Pick up your registration form from City Hall or from the Cornelius Chamber of Commerce.

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