A Short History of Banks

The early pioneers settled in Banks around 1840 using Government donation land claims of 640 acres each. The Peyton Wilkes land claim is the site of the present town of Banks.

William Mills donated part of his land in 1870 for a cemetery-- now called Union Point Cemetery. The Post Office was started in the late 1890's. The Government required submission of two names for the Post Office. St. Michaels and Banks were submitted and the Government picked Banks because it was shorter and rarer. Robert Banks, for whom the town was named, lived next to the Union Point Cemetery on Banks Road.

The community church was started in 1908 and built by Mike Schrammel and Phil Parmley. The first town bank was built in 1909. In 1921, the town of Banks was incorporated--population 75. Reservoir and water system came in 1924 for $30,000, and a sewer system in 1938 for $10,000.

In 1910, 100 Japanese families came to Banks and started raising strawberries. By 1950, acreage had grown to where the 1950 Bar-B-Q program program reported that 4,000 tons of berries were handled annually in Banks.

History condensed from 1950 Bar-B-Q program

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